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The family business Günter Aroma AG was founded in 1997 as a manufacturer of flavors, extracts and colorants for the beverage and food industry. The company's focus is on customer-oriented, professional and innovative developments and applications of aroma complexes. The application range includes sweet and spicy products.

The range includes sweet and spicy products. Flavors are a product composed of a mixture of aromatic substances, extracts and other vegetable extracts. In concentrated form, they impart a fitting flavor profile with a small amount of use in food.

Apart from the leading international aroma companies, Günter Aroma AG is the only independent Swiss company that creates and manufactures aroma compositions domestically. The products are exported to over ten different countries. Thereby, specific customer needs can be competently addressed for each application.

Günter Aroma AG produces, among others, the brands Hollinger food colors, Plusaroma and sodadrops. A comprehensive range of natural food colors and flavors are available.

A wide range of portioned products is available in the online store for commercial and private consumers. 

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Ueli Günter

Phone direct: + 41 62 771 95 90

Jonas Günter

dipl. LM-Ing FH
Phone direct: + 41 62 771 95 91

Marianne Günter

Accounting Manager
Phone direct: + 41 62 771 95 68

Julia Günter

Sales manager
Phone direct: + 41 62 771 95 70

Alisa Ramseier

Head of Administration
Phone direct: + 41 62 771 95 30

Renate Müller

Confection & Shipping
Phone direct: + 41 62 552 02 70

Joachim Walter

Production & Warehouse

Lena Müller

Sales abroad & projects


1997: Foundation as sole proprietorship Günter Aroma, Reinacherstrasse 17, conversion to limited liability company, Marianne & Ueli Günter Invention and production of plus aromas for private customers

1998: Online store for plus aroma sales

2000: New building laboratory / production and office rooms Reinacherstrasse 17B, development & sales industry flavors

2006: New building at Reinacherstrasse 19, 5712 Beinwil am See (laboratory & production)

2007: Exclusive distribution and manufacture of Rohner Konzept products - foundation of subsidiary Aromis GmbH

2008: Development and production of supplementary food and vitamin mixtures

2013: Construction of the warehouse at Löhrenstrasse 2, 5712 Beinwil am See Generous storage space for raw materials, packaging and empties.

2015: Certification according to quality standard FSSC 22'000

2016: Conversion of Günter Aroma GmbH into a stock corporation

2017: The company Günter Aroma AG takes over the production for customers in Europe from the aroma house Aarav Fragrances & Flavours Ltd Maharashtra (India).

2019: Acquisition of the company William Hollinger Basel, food colorants and flavors - integration into Günter Aroma AG.

2021: Move into the newly built main building Reinacherstrasse 21 Division of ready-made flavors and dyes in building 19 and industrial production in new building 21

2022: Restructuring of the Executive Board


                              Our vision

Mission Statement

The focus of Günter Aroma AG is on precise, flexible and innovative product development. A trustworthy cooperation with customers forms the basis for the sustainable market success of our products.

In doing so, we take into account the latest trends in Europe as well as the regional preferences of consumers.

Our comprehensive service extends from the idea through product development and the application formulation for the customer to the declaration of the end product. This strengthens our position in the market.

Only by constantly expanding our know-how and continuous improvement processes (CIP) are we able to create innovative and sustainable products.